A wicked obsession

Blossom - Wicked Weasel Fan Extraordinaire

Wicked Weasel talked to Blossom – a very passionate fan – about her Wicked Weasel obsession!

WW: You have a lot of product!

Blossom: (Laughing) Yes, I took a picture of every piece of Wicked Weasel I owned last year just before August. I was going overseas for the Wicked Weasel meet up in Southern California and I posted the picture on Social Media. It covered my entire king sized bed. My friend said, you should take all that with you for the meet and I said I couldn’t get all my collection in my case!

Blossom's Wicked Collection

WW: When did you make your first  Wicked Weasel purchase?

Blossom: I think the first order I put in was in March 2011.

WW: How did you find out about Wicked Weasel?

Blossom: One of my friends posted a picture of herself doing a yoga pose in the mini-mesh and I asked her where she got it. The first time I visited the site I ordered three bikinis!

WW: How many Wicked Weasel pieces do you own?

Blossom: I honestly don’t know, I’ve actually never counted. Maybe 300 in total.

WW: So what’s your favourite?

Blossom: I really like the Sailor Stripe, because I love the fabric  – it’s great to wear. Lately I’ve been wearing the Reef Mesh.

WW: What’s your latest purchase?

Blossom: I purchased the new Gypsy bikini today – it looks really pretty.

Blossom wearing some of here Wicked Weasel wardrobe

WW: How can you afford to buy so much product?

Blossom: Well I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t have a shoe, make up or handbag obsession, so I put all my money towards Wicked Weasel gear :)

WW: When do you wear the bikini’s and lingerie?

Blossom: I’m an electrician, and I do wear them under my work gear, complete with tools and steel capped boots! I wear the knickers every day – they are the most comfortable ever. And I wear stuff at the beach,  I wear the Sheer Lycra and denim shorts together. I just love your stuff.

Are you a bigger Wicked Weasel Fan than Blossom? Let us know!

6 Responses to “A wicked obsession”

  1. Justito

    From the really first day at microminimus ,she have been a very active lady at the community, also outside the site. And let me say,Microminimus have been unpolite with her several times. Too sad.
    And she is so cute

  2. Matija hubby of-> MM: Butterfly

    To jump in.. I DO completely agrre with mr. Justito… I think she brought a lot to the community and she really deserved this interview… (Meanwhile, Im going to count hers bikini.. should be same collection or bigger ;P )

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