Vote for your top Wicked Weasel model

Wicked Weasel Model Sam

Every month Wicked Weasel does a shoot with a sexy new model. Then we publish pictures of these shoots on Wicked Weasel , which are unsurprisingly some of our most popular pages!

We thought it would be fun to let you vote for who you think has been our hottest model in the last six months. The best comment will win a $50 WW voucher.

Vote for Scarlett – Wicked Model October 2014

Miss November - Scarlett


Vote for Alicia – Wicked Model November 2014

Miss December - Alicia


Vote for Kimberly – Wicked Model December 2015

Miss January - Kimberly


Vote for Estelle – Wicked Model January 2015

Miss February - Estelle


Vote for Kia – Wicked Model February 2015

Wicked Weasel Model Kia


Vote for Yasmin – Wicked Model March 2015

Wicked Weasel Model Yasmin

Vote in the comments section below. And if you have another model you think should win – let us know!

108 Responses to “Vote for your top Wicked Weasel model”

  1. Estelle is the cutest, Scarlett is certainly your “girl next type” type of model, but Kia takes the cake for the most sultry, sexy pose – and isn’t that what Wicked Weasel is all about??

  2. Kia, how could you go past those curves/lips and piercing eyes? she also reminds me of Megan Fox and I can imagine Optimus Prime melting at the site of Kia wearing a wicked weasel…. + she has a cool name!

  3. Blossom

    Louise!!! She’s been my fave since I discovered WW, or OR Jessi, who is completely adorable.

    From these girls it’s gotta be Scarlett, down to Earth, natural, was wearing WW before she modelled and still does because she loves them!

  4. Estelle; the perfect combination of stunning eyes, beautiful hair, amazing body, and just something special about the smile that she can give…so welcoming with a sexy accent to it.

  5. I personally vote for Scarlett – Wicked Model October 2014. Of course it is hard choice, all the girsl are gorgeous, but Scarlett has a bit more of”soul”, authenticity, I simply believe her she feels fantastic wearing WW stuff …

  6. Based on the eye-strain I am experiencing after trying in vain to decipher the message on her tattoo, I am quite confident that Estelle is the hottest model of the last 6 months, though the competition is stiff!

  7. Yasmin Fan

    I suspect most folks judged based on the photos posted above rather than their photo sets. If you did your research, and are fond of tushes, I don’t know how you could not vote for Yasmin. If you could pan down on her photo above you’d see one of the most epic booties that have ever graced this website. YASMIN!

  8. All of the models over the last decade of my viewership of have been exceptional! However, if I were to choose only one fine lady in the last 6 months, I must give my vote to the lovely Scarlett. I choose Scarlett because of the fact that she is a voluptuous, full bodied woman in ,proportions that closely resemble my own special lady, giving me the best idea as to the fit and function of the weasels before I buy. Thank you Scarlet and thank you WW!

  9. For models appearing in the last 6 months, I would have to go with Estelle for her truly incredible smile that just HAS to represent her personality! If it were simply for body, Kia’s shape and conditioning appeal to me, but her smile just doesn’t warm me like Estelle’s does.
    Truth be known however, my most recent favorite, and I’ve been a fan since about 1995, is Tea. Awesome fitness, beautiful body, so relaxed in front of the lens, and an enigmatic smile that does more than melt me! Please bring her back… or at least tell her I miss her!

  10. Maurice

    They’re all beautiful women! Tough choice, but I’m going to have to go with Yasmin. She’s got a nice round curvy awesome butt that just screams to be grabbed while giving her a nice embrace :) Wicked Weasel Bikinis compliment her backside so well. Love the neon green as the string just shapes her behind as if an artist perfectly molded such as a masterpiece!

  11. It’s difficult to choose between so many beautiful women, all of whom wear Wicked Weasel bikinis and clothing so well. Ultimately though, I am continually drawn to Scarlett’s pictures. The way she looks at the camera, she makes me want to buy everything she is wearing, with the hope that she might act. It is something with her smile and eyes, the way her hair falls just so, that are inviting and make her seem so approachable. Scarlett seems at ease in every photo; I hope to see her in many more WW outfits and bikinis. Clearly, the top WW model is Scarlett!

  12. No wonder the WW model pages turn out to be very popular. Just voting for one model doesn’t do justice to the other ones. Nevertheless, from the past six months I’d vote for Alicia being the cutest, curvy brunette of the past six months in my perception.

  13. All of your models are beautiful but Kia is sultry yet innocent, playful yet coy and very, very provocative yet so classy. From her feline features to her perfect curves and barely hidden charms, she epitomizes the WW culture and my wife adores her so it’s a no-brainer! Roll on her next shoot and we hope that it’s soon!

  14. A would vote for Sara H, but it seems she is not candidate in this election. So, I will give my vote to Estelle. She is perfect inside that 801 sheer one piece. That swimsuit matches with her body I’m sure they were made for each other. Her pictures wearing that white one made believe god exists.

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