A very wicked wedding

Dan and Vicki's Wicked Wedding

Dan and Vicki have been married for 25 years, and decided that for their silver anniversary they would renew their wedding vows on the beach. For this celebration the bride wore a very sexy Wicked Weasel bikini and beach dress. We spoke to the happy couple about why they had a very Wicked wedding!

WW: Why did you choose to have your ceremony on the beach?

We live in Michigan, USA. where we have cold snowy winters. Although the state is surrounded by great lakes we are far from any beaches and really far from any ocean beach. We always agreed if we were to ever to renew our vows it would be barefoot on a beach somewhere warm and with absolutely no formal wear – been there done that! So beachwear was our choice and Vicki loves Wicked Weasel beach clothing, so the white beach dress perfect for the occasion. The hardest decision was which bikini to wear underneath!”

WW: How long have you been WW fans?

We’ve been fans of Wicked Weasel for about a year. I found the company when I was looking for something sexy for Vicki for our anniversary. Vicki booked a suite for a weekend getaway that included an indoor private pool. So I figured a sexy bikini would nice and Googled micro bikinis. Though many different ones popped up Wicked Weasel stood out from the rest and I ordered one on a whim hoping she would wear it. This was a surprise present and she had no clue what she was getting. Turned out she absolutely loved it!

 WW: Dan you selected what bikini Vicki wore on the big day – how did you choose?

With so many styles to choose from, the sheer vision was my first choice. I was thinking Vicki would only wear the micro bikini in private and I decided that I’d get the one that went transparent when wet. So I ordered the Sheer Vision in orange.”

WW: How did the day go?

Our special day couldn’t have turned out better, everything went great and the weather was perfect. We spent the whole week in an oceanfront room on Daytona beach in Florida, the very same beach we renewed our vows on and yes it was like a second honeymoon :)

WW: You also became members of the Wicked Weasel bikini community Microminimus…

Yes, we’ve been members of Microminimus for about a year, we joined when we got a free membership offer with our purchase. We had no clue what it was and hadn’t even heard of Microminimus. Once members though, Vicki surprised me by saying she’d pose for a gallery. Although it was winter time, we saw someone had posted a gallery out in the snow and Vicki said she would do that, so we did. Having receiving many nice comments within hours, Vicki was hooked and placed another order for more and haven’t looked back. We love this community for all the wonderful people here and new friends we have made who have a shared interest, the different cultures and places worldwide. And of course all the beautiful models and fantastic photography.

We love a happy ending at Wicked Weasel!

Dan and Vicki's big day


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  1. I got married three years ago in May. I order my wife a couple of bikinis from WW. It her feel so extra special her husband bought and enjoyed her wearing them. Although she was alittle scared at first but after me making her feel so special on our honeymoon. She enjoyed the moments.

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